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Give Them Jesus

Help bring the Christian Gospel to 67 million Thai people, today!


Give Them Jesus

Help bring the Christian Gospel to 67 million Thai people, today!


200 years...
Less than 1% Christian

Protestant missionaries have been hard at work in Thailand for nearly 200 years. Yet the Christian Gospel is known to less than 1% of the 67 million Thai population. This people group is one of the most resistant to the Christian Gospel in the world.

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The Mission


The Mission


Through Their Eyes

How do Thai Christians introduce Jesus to their neighbors?  THAI WORD followed up with the churches all over Thailand to see how we can serve these evangelists. We have heard back from so many of them.

We want to share some of their messages with you!

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Assistant Pastor Arnupab, Hope of Lamphun Church (February, 2018)

Prince of Peace is very appropriate for Evangelism to Thai people during Christmas seasons. All 24 chapters have interesting topics that makes readers want to continue to read from beginning to the end. Illustrations communicate well to Thai people.

I personally think that Prince of Peace book is a very good tool to communicate the Gospel. The way THAI WORD distributed the books, good communication and fast delivery, helped with Evangelism on the field.

You helped us to improve the quality of the outreaches by the Christian churches on the ground.  Thanks so much to the Prince of Peace team.


May the grace, love, and peace from God be on all who helped publishing Prince of Peace, and all who contributed to the cost of printing.  May greater blessings from God be upon you, more and more.

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Sujitra, Kingdom of Glory Chonburi Church (February 2018)

Prince of Peace has big font, easy to the eye. Illustrations emphasize Thai-ness, helping the book to be easily accessible to Thai people. We thank you for your kindness to the Thai people. Could you please pray for the blessing on our nation?


May God bless you, that all that you sow will bear fruit for the Kingdom of God.

We would loved to see every Thai person receiving this book, and opening their hearts to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Pastor Noppadon, North Baan Pin Church, Phayao (February 2018)

After we distributed the Prince of Peace books, most of what we heard back is that the book has many points to think about and apply in life. The book itself is easy to read, and easy to carry around.

Right now we have people come and ask for the Prince of Peace books, because they heard from those who attended the Christmas outreach.


We also use Prince of Peace to teach children in our Sunday school weekly. We did not get any resistance from (non-Christian) parents. In fact, the parents said the children told them stories from the Prince of Peace books.

We were able to take the opportunity to share the Gospel to the parents through the children!

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Prince of Peace in Many Places

More than 60,000 Homes in Thailand Reached since 2016

Prince of Peace in Many Places

More than 60,000 Homes in Thailand Reached since 2016

Blown away!

Since 2016, THAI WORD supporters printed and delivered more than 100,000 FREE copies of Gospel books to Thai churches for Christmas evangelistic outreaches.

We have heard back from these churches and cannot contain our excitement.

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Hospital Outreaches

Thai churches took Prince of Peace books and headed to local hospitals. Doctors, nurses, and staff expressed their appreciations.

In places that they used to see only sickness, there were now songs and God's love in the air.

Christmas Celebrations

Outdoor or indoor, day or night, in the cities or poor rural areas, Thai Churches celebrated Christmas with their friends who do not know Jesus.

With Prince of Peace books, these friends could take Christmas home with them after the celebration.

Door to Door

Thai Christians reached out to their surrounding neighborhoods during Christmas Seasons.

Introducing Jesus to new friends can be quite intimidating. But having Prince of Peace books to give out broke the ice.

Workplaces Outreaches

Thai Christians carried Christmas joy from their churches out to many workplaces: local government offices, police stations, be it public or private work places.

School Outreaches

Unlike the United States where there is a strict separation of church and state, Thailand views religion as a positive influence on its citizens to hold the country together.

Southern Thailand Flood

Being knee deep under water annually did not stop Thai Christians from sharing the love and comfort of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, with their neighbors.