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Give Them Jesus

Help bring the Christian Gospel to 67 million Thai people, today!


Give Them Jesus

Help bring the Christian Gospel to 67 million Thai people, today!



99% of Thailand's 67 million people do not know Jesus

In 2017, THAI WORD plans to print and send at least 25,000 copies of Prince of Peace, the Gospel of Luke especially designed for common Thai people.

The more you give, the more we print: $2 per book.

At $2 each, you can make a real difference 


Just in time for 2017 Christmas Evangelistic Outreaches.


SMALL: $200 reaches 100 Homes

MEDIUM: $500 reaches 250 Homes

LARGE: $1000 reaches 500 Homes

XL: $2000 reaches 1000 Homes

October 1, 2017 Deadline


or mail your donation checks to

360 W. Avenue 26 STE 103
Los Angeles, CA 90031

The more you give, more people you will reach for the Kingdom of God.

075 Door to door happy old men.jpg

Last Year

More than 30,000 Homes in Thailand Reached

Last Year

More than 30,000 Homes in Thailand Reached

Blown away!

In 2016, THAI WORD supporters printed and delivered 35,000 FREE copies of Prince of Peace books to Thai churches for Christmas evangelistic outreaches.

We have heard back from these churches and cannot contain our excitement.

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Hospital Outreaches

Thai churches took Prince of Peace books and headed to local hospitals. Doctors, nurses, and staff expressed their appreciations.

In places that they used to see only sickness, there were now songs and God's love in the air.

Christmas Celebrations

Outdoor or indoor, day or night, in the cities or poor rural areas, Thai Churches celebrated Christmas with their friends who do not know Jesus.

With Prince of Peace books, these friends could take Christmas home with them after the celebration.

Door to Door

Thai Christians reached out to their surrounding neighborhoods during the 2016 Christmas season.

Introducing Jesus to new friends can be quite intimidating. But having Prince of Peace books to give out broke the ice.

Workplaces Outreaches

Thai Christians carried Christmas joy from their churches out to many workplaces: local government offices, police stations, be it public or private work places.

School Outreaches

Unlike the United States where there is a strict separation of church and state, Thailand views religion as a positive influence on its citizens to hold the country together.

Southern Thailand Flood

Being knee deep under water did not stop Thai Christians from sharing the love and comfort of Jesus, the Prince of Peace, with their neighbors.